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Welcome Students

At the IWC, our trained mentors are ready to help KNU students meet their English writing and speaking needs with one-to-one programs and activities.


  • Sessions are available Face-to-Face or Online.

  • Remember to REGISTER and BOOK Appointments by following the steps given below.


Step 1: Register

Exchange Prep Course

Mandatory Course for Korean  International Exchange Students

Speak Smart 

Course Details


  • Free

Learn How To:

  • Express Your Opinion

  • Speak With Confidence

  • Practice Interview Skills


  • Minimum 5 Appointments

  • Each Appointment - 30 minutes

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Write Track

Course Details


  • Free

Learn How To:

  • Develop a Thesis

  • Build Credible Support

  • Write a 4-paragraph Essay


  • Minimum 4 Appointments

  • Each Appointment - 30 minutes

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Just Talk 

30분 동안 외국인 친구와 일대일로 소통하며 영어울렁증을 극복하세요

활동 안내

참가비: 없음​

활동 내용

  • 게임을 활용한 기초 영어회화

  • 간단하고 재미있는 주제

  • 외국인 멘토와 일대일 대화

  • 영어에 자신감을 키우세요

  • 영어 글쓰기 실력 향상


  • 1회성 활동으로 30 분 내외 소요​

  • 최대 6회 재참여 가능


  • 우측 상단의 예약하기 버튼 클릭

  • ​멘토 및 시간 선택

Basic Conversation

New Program

Coming Soon ! 

Write Track
Level Two

Basic Essay Writing Course Open to Any KNU Student

Course Details


  • Free

Learn How To:

  • Improve Your Writing Skills

  • Be More Descriptive

  • Express Your Ideas

  • Build English Confidence

  • Improve Communication

  • Improve vocabulary                      


  • Minimum 3 Appointments

  • Each Appointment - 30 minutes

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Descriptive Essay

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Step 2: Book Appointment

Contact Us



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  • 경북대학교 첨성인 미래관 2층 영어글쓰기센터(IWC), 건물번호 108  (본관 입구로도 출입가능)

  • Kyungpook National University Cheomseongin Mirae Hall 2nd floor, IWC, building number 108 (accessible from the main entrance)

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Opening Hours

Summer 2023 Hours:

  •  Registration: From Jun. 26

  • Sessions: July. 3 - Aug. 25

Mon - Fri

10:00 am – 5:00 pm